Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hearts Butterfly

Monday, January 23, 2012

Simple cards

Some times all I want is a simple and cute card to send to some one. Here are a few that I put together this weekend from extras I found in my big popcorn tin. Enjoy....

Valentine Bear's

I got a wonderful Svg file set over at  I have been having a fun time playing with them. My kids who are 6 and 9 want to know which card is for them. Here is a picture of the whole set.
Here are the 2 cards I have made this with set.

Thanks for stopping by....

Old Hallmark cards

I love cards! I enjoy rereading and storing them in a box to sit for another year. This time when I looked threw I came across some that were just to cute to sit in a shoe box another year. So I cut the front of the card off from the back and glued it to a blank white card so I could send them to some one esle. Here are 2 examples:

Stampin up sample cards

A few years back, I would go to many craft shows to sell hand painted glass. I came across many of Stampin up people who would give you sample cards of the newest stamp set. They would put a ton of work into them hopeing you would buy the set for yourself. I went to workshop and learn all the step that were need to make to the cards but really didn't get into it. I found it hard to throw away some else hard work. So this weekend I took that sample cards that didn't have backs and make them into cards that I could use. Here are a few examples:

Cleaning up the Craft room

I know that I am like most craft people I just can't throw things out. I cut thing out with my cricut and then don't use them for a while. All my extra things go into a  big popcorn tin for a later date that most of the time doesn't happen. Well, this weekend the time came to go threw and use as much as I could. I was surprised at how much was in there. Here are a few examples of card that I got started using the extras from past projects.

I will add the writting later to these cards. I used posted it note to write note so I wouldn't forget. Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

You think your day is going bad.

My poor cat Friday had to wear the cone of shame. As you can tell he's not happy.