Sunday, June 24, 2012

A little Shopping

     I did a little shopping tonight to get a start on my Disney trip scrapbook. I found that Amazon had the best prices over all.Wal-mart was sold out of these three and my other trust worthy scrapbook website were either high in cost or sold out also. Now to check on my paper to see what I have before I shop for more.
       I worked on my pictures a little while today but when you take 1,134 pictures that takes a little while to go threw. That's not even counting the pictures that Disney's people took but the cost of theirs are way to high for me. That a little update on the scrapbook. Have a wonderful day!


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  1. One thing that I did with our Disney scrapbook was to cut dozens of mouse ears in all different shapes and colors. Some were used as balloons, some as photo mats, a large one cropped in a corner added some visual interest. For Animal Kingdom and the tree of life, I cut a leafless tree at almost 12 inches and split it between two facing pages. Pictures of the tree of life became the 'leaves'. Fireworks and electric parade pictures were done on black paper with silver mats and metallic fireworks in the corners.

    Have fun with it!!