Sunday, March 17, 2013

You Can Do It!

              I have never written a book review before and I figured that this would be the best book for me to start with. I picked this book up in a $5.00 bend ( were you have to dig threw books that you have never heard of and will never see again). I have had this been book for a few years and every year I pull it back out and try a new Merit Badge as you can say.
         I have even completed a few such as Take a ( really good ) picture which was this one:

This is by far one of my favorite picture of my daughter  which shows pure joy on her first when the first chickdee ate out of her had. This picture even got printed in the Cleveland Metro parks news letter. Which was a wonderful plus to the Merit Badge that I gave myself thanks to this book.
There have been other Merit Badges that I have started on and have come back to time and time again. There is real no time limit set on completing them but the joy of learning from the new things you have tried. I plan on doing some of the Merit Badges with my daugther when she gets older.
Here is the link to the book on Amazon: ( I make not money from this link I just know how hard this book is to find even when you have the whole title in front of you. Because the Title You Can Do It puts up so many books, that why I put the direct link here.)

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