Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Party Blowers!
Happy Monday!  We hope to have a reason to celebrate in a few days… my son is starting potty training, today actually… yay!!  So we, of course, are going to have a party when it is all complete and we need some party blowers! Now – these aren’t the ones from when we were kids with the waxey paper and they don’t work exactly the same; however, they are a fun addition to any celebration!
1. Cut paper into 2.5 x 11 strips of paper and then score at .5 in and 1.5 in of the strip of paper.  I still haven’t found the file that came with my score board… but this ball stylist worked very well… *shhh* I think it even worked better… ;)
2. Run a strip of adhesive along the top short edge and then all the  first score line. For the blower to work, the edges have to be fully adhered.
3.  Using the stylist (or a pen), start at the short adhered end and roll the strip of paper.

4. Cut a straw in half.

5. Insert the straw between the two layers of paper and then fold the paper over the straw.

6. Wrap a piece of tape around the straw and folds, trying to make sure that it’s secure so the air doesn’t leak out.

7. To cover the tape, cut a small strip of paper and wrap around the taped area. Hey – it’s Rupert… nice to have you join us. As a side note – we had a small crisis since our last Hybrid Post… Rupert went on “vacation” for 23 days… many, many tears… mostly mine. LOL!

8. Of course all projects must go through quality testing… ;)

So… what is the ruling from kiddo?  Direct quote… “Mama, these are really cool!”

J does call them lollipops… but he is so excited to play with these.  It has even entertained him through the potty training event. And I need all the help I can get!!! LOL!
Now I must get moving… laundry calls. I so hope that you enjoyed this little tutorial and if you make them for your next party or just because, I would love to see them!  And if you have potty training tips… love to hear those too! Haha!
Rebecca (mamabee)

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