Monday, August 8, 2011

Lettering Delight Wonderful idea for the Kitchen

This fun and easy Wipe-Off Menu Board is the perfect tool to help keep track of what's for dinner each night.

  • frame w/glass (I just purchase an old one from a 2nd hand store for $2 bucks and painted it) 
  • adhesive backed vinyl
  • Your favorite LD graphics
  • Your favorite LD paper
  • Your favorite LD Font
  • dry-erase marker
Before I began my menu, I first cleaned, painted and antiqued my used frame.  This process took a total of about 10 minutes work time and 2 hours drying time. Not too bad for spending only $2 dollars on it!

Determine the size of your insert. I used an 8" by 10" frame, but the actual amount showing was about 7.5" by 9.5". I created a new document in photoshop this size so I could figure out how and where I wanted to arrange my graphics. You could also just print and cut your graphics and arrange without photoshop. I copied and pasted the chicken as well as the border from the Funky Chicken Graphic Set". Since the border had a drop shadow, I used the marquee from the tool bar and selected just the drop shadow portion of the graphic and deleted it. Getting rid of the drop shadow makes making a continuous border 100 times easier. I then copy and pasted the border four times and rotated it for each side.

Once you have your graphics figured out, find a cute piece of digital scrapbook paper to lay behind it. From here you can just print the entire image (paper with graphics) or you can print the paper and graphics separately so that you can give the menu some intersting depth. If you haven't already checked out Jin's tutorial on Make-The-Cut's Print and Cut feature, be sure to do so!

Now that I have what is going behind my frame ready, its time to cut some vinyl! I choose to use LDJ Martian Mania. Using some adhesive backed vinyl I cut out my title and days of the week. Remember: Joining your letters together makes using your vinyl lettering a million times easier. You can do this in Illustrator or Inkscape beforehand, or you can do it directly in MTC by selecting the letters and hitting the "Weld" tool as shown.

Now peel them off and adhere to your frame!

Insert your glass, graphic and paper, and you have a simply easy and nifty Dry-Erase Menu Board!

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